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Tidmouth milk tanker
The Tidmouth Milk Tanker transports milk all over the island...

Edward & coal car
Edward is an older engine and an extremely kind one...

Thomas the tank engine
The original engine...

Henry & coal car
A long-fast engine with a streamlined look...

Gordon big engine
The senior member of the engine family...

James the red engine
A medium sized engine. He likes to think for himself...

Toby the tram engine
Toby is an engine who is always happy to work...

Thomas' second passenger coach smiles as she passes you by...

Harold the helicopter
Good-hearted Harold brings welcome but noisy visits to the quiet Sodor landscape...

Terence tractor
His "crawling tracks" make Terence the subject of endless teasing from younger engines...

Breakdown train
Come to the rescue of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends with the Breakdown Train...

Circus train
This colorful train consists of three cars and five animals...

Mike is a small but robust engine, who works on a narrow gauge line...

A plain speaking engine, Duncan keeps busy and means well...

Ever vigilant on the track, Toad is determined to keep the things running smoothly while he is on duty...

The diesel
Oily Diesel thinks he knows everything...

Express coaches
Take a train ride around the Island of Sodor aboard the great express coachs...

Sodor railway repair
The Sodor Railway Repair has an important job, clearing old ballast from the track and packing the sleepers with fresh stones...

Sodor line caboose
Sodor's very own "Little Red Caboose."...

Sawmill log car
Timber! You've got the logs, but how do you get the logs from the forest to the sawmill?...

Cargo car
This cargo car moves things around the island of sodor...

Bursting with enthusiasm and always eager to please, Stepney is every engine's friend... SOLD OUT

S.C. Ruffy
S.C. Ruffey is an old truck with rough habits and a bad attitude...


Rheneas is a tough little engine, whose sole purpose in life is to work hard and uphold the fine reputation of the railway line...SOLD OUT

Duke enjoys teaching others
the proper way to do things...

Sir Handel
Sir Handel is a tough engine who often thinks he knows all and should be in charge...

Fred the orange coal car

Load 'em up and move 'em out...

China clay trucks
These Clay
Trucks understand the importance of carrying the China Clay to town...

Barrel car
Have fun loading and unloading the barrels on this barrel car...

Neil is a simple but kind engine who befriended Skarloey when he was young...

N.W. Brakevan
The NW Brakevan is a spiteful nuisance...

Catherine helps Culdee by carrying passengers and supplies up the steep mountainside...

Flying scotsman
Called an Extra Special Engine by his owner, the Flying Scotsman pulls two tenders...

Troublesome truck
Troublesome truck enjoys playing tricks on the engines...

Inexperience often leads this feisty young diesel into trouble...

Henrys forest log car
Henry loves to take his forest log car out and deliver wood...

Considered a pal for life, Rusty is a fearless and determined diesel...

Oliver works happily on Duck's branch line, sporting a new coat of paint...

Tar tanker & fuel car
The tar tanker and fuel car are essential freight for any engine...

Chinese dragon
The Chinese dragon is one of the most exotic cars on Sodor...

Peter sam
Peter Sam is a happy, kindly, hard working engine who seldom grumbles...

Skarloey, the bright red engine, is dedicated to doing his job...

Culdee, a sensible mountain railway engine, has a face at each end...SOLD OUT

Bertie the bus
Firmest of friends with Thomas since their "Great Race"...

Donald the scottish twin
The antics of this Scottish twin who hates to be parted sometimes lead to trouble...

Douglas the scottish twin
The antics of this Scottish twin who hates to be parted sometimes lead to trouble...

Thomas' first passenger coach, she's loyal and trusty...

Always scheming and ever ready to stir up trouble...

Identical twins in every respect, Bill and Ben are the most teasing and mischievous characters...

Identical twins in every respect, Bill and Ben are the most teasing and mischievous characters...

The diesel engine named Daisy had to learn to help out the other engines...

Duck is a cheerful, busy tank engine who stands for no nonsense...

Thomas anniversary train
Join Thomas in his celebration of his 10th year in America...

Thomas five car pack
A complete freight train pulled by Thomas with a special "hard at work" expression...

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