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—Watch them swim around!—

These amazing SEA MONKEYS grow and swim around! Prefect for a young first time pet owner. These sea monkeys can also be taught to do neat tricks...

Ocean of Light

Clear plastic aquarium with bright yellow base and cover has light built into cover...more

Ghostly Galleons

Tank has a glow-in-the-dark galleon sunken at the bottom and an innovative... more

Ocean of Fun

Absolutely guaranteed to grow! Watch Sea-Monkeys hatch alive, swim and play... more

Ocean of Wonder

8-piece set has everything needed to raise a healthy batch of pets...more

Magic Castle

Reef romance is a natural outgrowth of Sea-Monkeys meeting in this enchanted castle...more

Aquarium Watch

Surprise your friends, have a blast and take the world's most fun pet with you wherever you go...more

Bonus Pack

One year supply of food!... more


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